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Last Friday it was also a sunny day and it was spent in the waterfalls area of the BBNP with four lovely Airbnb'ers
Out today walking Penarth to Cosmeston to Lavernock to Penarth with a handful of brave souls. Why brave? Well, they are still keen to be out and about during the coldest April for 70 years (fact checked by Paul) Brrr... (More)
I walked past this small and usually rather quiet car park a couple of weekends ago and it was locked. This is my exchange with NRW: Please explain why Pont Melin Fach and other South Wales forestry car parks are... (More)
This Weekend!

It's Gower backpacking Expedition plus two day long Gower walks as well as, on Bank Holiday Monday, a Pen y Fan Horseshoe day...

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