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Covid 19
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This is why we can't go walking at the mo: Mark Drakeford said: "The reason why at this point we are not allowing people to travel in their car to exercise is because you will remember the scenes we saw... (More)
8.20pm! Tomorrow night! Our Weekly Zoom!

It's less about Covid 19 and far more about when we can expect to be out and about in the great outdoors of Wales with Wales Outdoors!

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I really don't care what Drakeford says about easing lockdown during his address to the nation tomorrow. I'll be making a decision to take action either way, good news or bad. And following on from the 'news' that the outdoors... (More)
This has just escaped from Covid Chat. If anyone is able to offer up a clear and concise explanation I'd be grateful. 'Extinct Influenza POSITIVE specimens in NORTHERN Hemisphere just DISAPPEARED in 2020 from Week 14 onwards, regardless of mask... (More)