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Caminito del Rey
Caminito del Rey

A topic for those who are off to Malaga in October to follow

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Hi Andrew Lamb could you check your phone please I have send you a message and tried to call! Thanks
Nikki Hatlee Kate Barber Rachel Beaney Kevin O'Brien Krzys Klinowski Lorna Ganley I'm very sorry but for several reasons and after much deliberation I've decided to cancel this event. The problems that we have are many - a lack... (More)
Morning Andy, we are almost 2 weeks to the day of our departure to Malaga, I just wanted to check all is still going ahead as Krzys and I need arrange our lift to the airport on Friday the 2nd... (More)
UPDATE!!! Kevin, Rachel Kate and I have bought tickets on the Ryanair flights leaving Tuesday 6th at 18.45 for Palma and then ongoing to Bristol. Nikki Hatlee I would try Skyscanner and Go To Gate and Ryanair. See what works... (More)