We're moving and I'll be mothballing his community!!!

It's time for a fresher look, more power to you and increased integrations and functionality.

If you've booked a walk over the past six months or have engaged with the website in any way then you will have an account with a password set up. Login here and any problems logging in message me info@walesoutdoors.co.uk and I'll see what I can do :)


MEMBERS login in with your membership details and join the group 'Paid Up Members'. This should let you in but again any issues do mail me. There are now membership protected pages in the website and new community. More information to follow...

There will in time be lots more functionality but for the time being the bare bones are there.

You must complete you profile to 80% to be able to contribute. A smiling face is always a good start :)

The most important change is that the community is now embedded within the website and the sidebar menu contains all the important checkout tools and membership info.

Have a play, complete your profile, like some posts and join some groups :)


Bottom left is a chat icon - this is separate to the community and floats above all pages - it gives you direct access to me by sms or telegram. This looks great on a mobile and hopefully will lead to more chat and faster communication...