We delivered walks Wednesday through to Monday in glorious weather and with wonderful people :) You can see the photos from those seven events at the gallery section of our very own social media site - https://community.walesoutdoors.co.uk - some are coming soon :)

It's oh so good to be back!

This weekend, once again, we have a blinder of a programme for you!

Book Here - https://www.walesoutdoors.co.uk/adventures/day-walks/

This Saturday!
10am South Gower Exploration

10am Mountain Navigation Training

6pm Sunset on Pen y Fan

This Sunday!
9am Andy's Amazing Four Waterfalls

10am Foraging And Batman's Falls - Last Tickets!

10am Bosherston Lilly Ponds and Broad Haven

1pm Andy's Amazing Four Waterfalls

Did you know we have a classroom? Check it out! Look left and 'click'.

Whatever happens now we will not stop delivering our educational and socially distanced programme of walking in the great outdoors in Wales and beyond for any new directive from the Welsh or UK National Governments. 'Your' and 'our' physical and mental health is more important than complying with 'their' posturing.

Remember - SAGE have said that there has been NO CASE anywhere in the world of a human contracting Covid 19 in a group situation on a beach. We think that is the same for the hills too.

Remember - your chance of contracting Covid 19 from someone YOU LIVE WITH is only 36%

Remember - the R number is currently well under 1

Remember - the death rate is currently and has been for several weeks lower than the normal seasonal average

Wales Outdoors will never ask you for a vaccine passport or any Coronavirus test result.

Want to chat with Andy about any of this? We have Wales Indoors you know :) https://walesindoors.co.uk

Join Us!