This is why we can't go walking at the mo:

Mark Drakeford said: "The reason why at this point we are not allowing people to travel in their car to exercise is because you will remember the scenes we saw not that long ago of what happens at beauty spots when people think that option is open to them. We get large congregations of people in relatively confined spaces with all of the risks which that brings."

SAGE say 'no Covid outbreak anywhere in the world has been traced back to a beach' and I think we can fairly infer the same applies to mountains...

What? No science. No data. No logic. No understanding of the desperation of very many people.

Basically it's you've been naughty and so we'll punish you for a little longer... And in fact it's let's corral everyone into the same local parks, because that's the only enclosed outdoor space I can conceive of.

I refer you to my previous comment on todays announcement.