The fourth and final day of our exploration of North Wales saw us meet at the foot of Cadair Idris for a very hot 30 degree mountain day. Very hard walking because of the heat but there was the lake at the end of the day for a swim :)

No matter the weather ths is a memorable and good and proper mountain day.

Cadair Idris is a big mountain with no quick up and down, unless you're keen on a scree run... We take the long route round with memorable views of Cadair all the way to the summit.

Follow the signs from the cafe and when you clear the trees cross the stream and head uphill. The path is easy to follow to a style where you cross and then follow the wall directly up to another style and then traverse to the summit ridge and onto the summit.

Once lunch has been had it's time to descend to the bwlch before climbing the false summit and then descending, keeping the drop to the left, to the lake. If you're up for it go for a swim here :)

Descending back through the forest to the start is hard on the knees so poles help.

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