The only way to move you across is, unfortunately, manually. You will need to sign up to one of the membership plans and then upload your account info:

This will give you access to the community (from FREE!) through to guided walks, benefits and routes at various discounted rates.

The community now:

Is wholly owned by Wales Outdoors
Is integrated with our shop and event ticket purchases
Is integrated with our membership plans
Has upgraded posting options
Has upgraded communication and friendship tools
Allows you to deliver your own blog posts
Allows you to launch groups and chat streams
Out with the old and in with the new…

The old community served it’s purpose and was a proof of concept. The new community, however, will see us continue to develop your space for the great outdoors in Wales and beyond well into the future. There are still many features to be added but the launch delivers all of the main ingredients that we know you will love and engage with.

So, less a re-boot and more a 100% all singing all dancing upgrade. But we think it’s worth it :)