I really don't care what Drakeford says about easing lockdown during his address to the nation tomorrow. I'll be making a decision to take action either way, good news or bad.

And following on from the 'news' that the outdoors poses NO RISK of transmission - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9270359/Staycation-hope-SAGE-expert-claims-no-Covid-outbreak-world-linked-beach.html - quote - 'no Covid outbreak anywhere in the world has been traced back to a beach' - it's time to take our countryside back and that's certainly what I will be doing from 1st March, maybe earlier. I say 'news' as we've always known that the outdoors poses no risk and that the measures have not been about public health but about control, but hey ho...

Why March 1st? I'll be taxing the van from then and so will be back on the road. Why earlier? I might start the Wales Coastal Path walk, beginning in Chepstow and walking back, along the coast, to Cardiff, and, my start point.

Finger crossed Drakeford pulls our freedom out of the hat tomorrow but if not I for one will be taking a small piece of my freedom back anyways.