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Photos from our events posted by the leaders and the members. Go on, share your gorgeous photos :) 

Martin liked 7 days ago
Penarth! Managed an eleven miles walk today...
Mike liked a month ago
The snow was fun yesterday but it doesn't make for great photos, at least, not in the city - very dull skies and a grey vista. Oh to be in the hills right now... Photo 1 Pontcanna Fields Photo 2... (More)
David liked a month ago
A most useful and beautiful belated birthday present arrived today from my sister. This resource will be a trusted companion on my group walks and help me in the WO Classroom to eventually get a tick against the 'Foraging' category... (More)
Bhavna liked a month ago
We went for a 25,000 step walk yesterday, just a couple of pics. Lovely frozen ground for the most art although some mud towards the end...